Caldan VLD - Single Line floor conveyor

Single Line floor conveyor

Caldan VLD

The single line floor conveyor type VLD is developed by CALDAN to handle smaller unit loads, such as mobile telephones, which need to be processed effectively and in high volume.

Typically fitted with our high-speed rotation system for automated 
coating processes.

The VLD offers a unique jig stability and accuracy of presentation, 
even when working in rough environments.

The VLD is:

• Cost effective through the use of standard chain components, 
  and low need for both maintenance and staff training

• Space saving as the VLD can be designed with tight
  horizontal curve radii

The VLD floor conveyor system is a fixed pitch floor conveyor system designed for either continuous or stop/go operation. The high accuracy in positioning of the jig is guaranteed by a horizontal guide bearing, mounted directly on the chain carrier.

Double sided guide rails ensure the sideway stability of the jig wherever required, e.g. in loading, painting or robot handling areas. The VLD consists of a standard CALDAN profile, combined with horizontal and vertical curves.

A cardan chain with fixed carriers is driven in the standard profile - the chain is powered by one or several drive units, with fixed or variable speed. The customer product is conveyed either directly on the carriers, or in specially constructed devices/work jigs (customized designs). Maximum load per carrier – 5 kg.

Caldan floor conveyor technology

VLD in operation

Caldan VLD - Single Line floor conveyor


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