Caldan P&F140 - Power & Free floor conveyor

Power & Free floor conveyor

Caldan P&F140

The new P&F140 is the next generation of highly reliable heavy duty power & free floor conveyors, designed for meeting the customers demand for handling even larger, heavier and unbalanced jigs.

The high accuracy in guiding is obtained by the 4 horizontal guide bearings, and the fully adjustable “Free” track. Requires minimum level of control system compared to traditional skid systems or roller conveyors due to limited use of drive units and sensors.

Further system advantages:
• high reliability due to the use of well-proven standard
• very low maintenance - less moving sensible parts
  require less attention
• full flexibility in designing stage as the system offers
  the advantages of traditional power & free system such
  as: switching gates, line-to-line switch, accumulation
  zones, powered hoists etc.
• compact profile design minimizes restriction in airflow in
  spray booths, flash offs and ovens. Simplifies the over-
  all plant design
• unique “goose neck” design to prevent power wash fluids
  entering the conveyor system
• compact design minimises overspray dust settling on the
  conveyor. The dust is not carried through the full system -
  a lower level of cleaning is therefore required.

The Power & Free floor conveyor, Type P&F140, consists of three Caldan profiles. In the lower “Power” profile the cardan chain is driven by one or more drive units. In the upper “Free” profiles the purpose designed trolley and wagon sets are driven by power chain carriers.

Each trolley and wagon set can be separated from the power chain and accumulated in line, 45° or 90° zones. When reaching a closed accumulation stop or when reaching the tail of the previous trolley, the accumulation lever is lowered and the trolley pawl units are lifted.

P&F140 in operation

P&F140 in operation

Caldan P&F140 - Power & Free floor conveyor


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