Wagon Identification

CALDAN Recognition System


For wagon / item recognition and identification in extreme surface finishing environments CALDAN uses ceramic labels. Under such harsh conditions the use of conventional labels is simply not possible. These labels are available in a range of designs and formats to suit the various extreme conditions.

As standard CALDAN uses labels approved up to 600°C. Upon request labels resisting temperatures up to 1,400°C and prolonged exposure to chemicals, acids & aggressive solvents can be supplied. The steel ceramic label used by CALDAN consists of special stainless, heatproof steel, covered with a layer of ceramic.

The ceramic layer is printed in a thermal transfer process, and applied to the steel substrate. The steel background compensates for the fragility of the ceramic material, and allows the label to be fixed mechanically using screws, rivets or welding.

The ceramic labels have proven to be the optimal solution for identification and handling of unique items in harsh environments, with large temperature variations. They have performed with the best achievable reading recognition under the influence of external variations. Furthermore the CALDAN Recognition System provides a significantly improved percentage of good reads due to multiple readings of each item. The system sends warnings prior to errors, as the recognition percentage is monitored. This way items covered by any process residue or mechanically damaged, can be pro-actively flagged out for service.

By combining the durable labelling system with a “Best in Class” Vision System for recognition, we offer a versatile, simple and reliable solution. A solution which ensures improved availability of the conveyor system and the least amount of maintenance, throughout the system lifetime.

image based code reader / ceramic labels

ceramic label on wagon number plate


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