CALDAN CSS380 / CSS400 / CSS420

The CALDAN shuttle systems are based on standard components of the proven CALDAN conveyor technology. The systems are designed for cross- and lengthwise transportation of various items.

Our Shuttle systems are mainly used in partially automated surface treatment areas or in assembly areas. Due to their ability to perform very space saving transportation, the systems are primarily used to handle heavy or bulky goods. However, the shuttles also handle lighter goods with ease. Here the systems are often manual or partially automated versions.

- full technical description (PDF)

- system overview (PDF)

- shuttle movements (PDF)





In order to meet customer requirements, we have implemented three versions in our product range, similar to our well-known Power & Free overhead conveyor range. This way all transport tasks from 100 - 10.000 kg can be solved:

• CSS380 - for weights up to 500 kg
• CSS400 - for weights up to 2.000 kg
• CSS420 - for weights up to 10.000 kg

Further advantages:
- possibility of performing directional changes
- can be used as very cost effective static buffers
- space-saving for long bulky goods

Special equipment such as turning devices or lifting and lowering stations are also available. Furthermore CALDAN can supply this handling solutions on a turn-key basis, including steel construction, control systems etc.

CSS420 in operation

CALDAN CSS420 - Shuttle System


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