Control and automation for CALDAN conveyors systems

Control systems

Integrated intelligence


Our conveyor systems are only as good as their ”heart” - the built-in electrical control system.The demands for system safety and various system functionalities have increased rapidly over the years. Therefor the control systems for our intelligent conveyor solutions are becoming more and more complex and sophisticated.

For more than 50 years our in-house Control Systems Department has produced and constructed control & automation systems for our conveyors. Hardware and software are powerfully combined at CALDAN – for integrated quality without unnecessary interfaces.

We can provide:
• connection to customer ERP systems
• coupling of databases for order management
• process data archiving to the PLC control system

Our software and control solutions are designed according to a universal control concept from the field to the manufacturing execution system (MES).

The control and software products we use feature a modular design, allowing them to be used to develop and implement customized solutions.

Simulation & visualisation
Through system simulation and visualisation we make an overview of the material flow available to our customers. The larger and more complex the conveyor system, the more important the overview of all process steps and the status of items to be handled. Efficiency in the processes ensure productivity, and a gives our customers a competitive advantage.

system simulation & visualisation

system automation solutions
control systems & automation for our overhead and floor conveyors


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