Niels and Jens Calundan, CEO's at CALDAN Conveyor A/S

Company Profile

the danish conveyor solution supplier


CALDAN Conveyor A/S is a worldwide leading supplier of conveyor systems for the surface treatment industry. The company is located in Aarhus, Denmark, and is a well-established, modern technology company with 50 years of industry experience. CALDAN designs, manufactures & installs internal transport systems for automated painting processes & materials handling worldwide.

CALDAN displays remarkable growth rates, and has twice been awarded the prestigious “Gazelle Prize”. In addition, the CALDAN Group is financially well-funded and has a long-standing AAA rating. CALDAN has subsidiaries in Germany, England, France, China & India and a staff of 140 dedicated employees.

Additionally through strategic alliance we have CALDAN managed sales and support functions in Brazil and North America.

1963 - company formed with the name Caljan A/S
1992 - successful MBO of chain conveyor division
from parent company
2000 - opening of purposebuilt 3,000 m²
design & manufacturing centre
2000 - opening of sales & technical office in Germany
2002 - opening of sales & technical office in UK
2004 - extension of 1,000 m² added to
manufacturing centre
2009 - extension of 1,700 m² added to
design & manufacturing centre in Denmark
2009 - establisment of the service company
CALDAN Service GmbH in Germany
2013 - opening of sales & technical office
in Le Mans, France
2015 - establishment of CALDAN Conveyor Ltd
in Kirkleatham Business Park, Redcar, UK
2017 - CALDAN acquires 20.000 m2 land in Galten,
Denmark for future expansion purposes

2018 - AL-CON merges into CALDAN Group
2019 - extension of 2,700 m² added to
design & manufacturing centre in Denmark
2019 - establishment of CALDAN China in Dongguan City
2020 - Axel Johnson International acquires share majority in CALDAN

CALDAN Heavy Duty Power & Free overhead conveyor in operation


CALDAN Denmark - HQ

Roeddikvej 91
DK-8464 Galten
T. +45 8694 7071

CALDAN Conveyor Ltd.

209 The Innovation Centre
Vienna Court
Kirkleatham Business Park
Redcar, TS10 5SH
T. +44 1642 271118

CALDAN Germany

Frankfurter Str. 7
D-36251 Bad Hersfeld
T. +49 6621 79579 - 0


3 rue Claude Chappe
F-72230 Ruaudin
T. +33 243 246551


1002C, Yong Fa Comm.
Building #8, Tangxing Road,
Tangxia Town, Dongguan City,
Guangdong Province
T. +86 1382 9104 013